The Embroiderers' Guild

I originally joined Pateley Bridge (Nidderdale) Embroiderers' Guild  but after moving to the North East of England became a founder member and first chairman of the Durham City branch.


I have recently stepped down as Chairman of the North East Region a role which I held for 5 years after several years as Vice Chairman. The Region comprises 12 branches from Alnwick in the north to Richmond & Leyburn in the south.


The name 'Guild' may sound a little sophisticated, and indeed many of its members are skilled artists, but it is there to promote and encourage embroidery to all those who have even a slight interest.  


Some members just go along to a branch to hear and speaker and have a cup of tea and a chat.  Some attend workshops to learn new techniques, and many exhibit with other Guild members in local and regional exhibitions.


To find out more about the Guild or locate your nearest branch, go to the website 




Background 'Tyne and Wear' from the exhibition 'Mining a Golden Seam


Guild Activities

The North East Region of the Embroiderers' Guild

recently took part in the

Great Exhibition of the North,  by putting on Show the 14 panels of

The Needle Points North