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Victoria MacLeod

Some of my work first appeared in print in The Embroiderers Workbook by Jan Messent.


I self-published a booklet entitled 'DIY Embroidery' in 2008.



I started knitting at the age of 7 and became fascinated by the different colours and textures of threads. This started to encompass fabric and threads for surface design.  

Eager to learn how to create different textures I enrolled for a City & Guilds course which I started in Manchester and completed in Harrogate.


I have always enjoyed attending dayschools and weekend workshops and this has enriched my work as I learned new techniques and ways of incorporating other materials.

As well as felting, painting and printing backgrounds, I now include paper, paint, texture gels, beads, shells, bones and other found objects including old pieces of jewellery and bits & pieces from DIY shops to attach to the surface.

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